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Education and Mentoring

Educators by profession we specialize in mentoring, educating and supporting prospective, new and existing alpaca owners. If you are new to alpacas and you choose to allow us to help you get started, you can do so with confidence knowing we are experienced alpaca owners. We have participated in extensive alpaca education ourselves, and we are recognized contributors to the industry on a local and national level. Educating others is our passion and our professional background. We are prepared to answer a variety of questions including but not limited to...


* How to select the alpacas that will help you reach your goals


* How to set up the infra-structure for your alpacas (shelters, barns, pastures/fields, etc.)


* Basic alpaca care and health practices


* Basic handling techniques


* Outlets for your annual fiber harvest

* Do you want a hobby farm or business

* To show or not to show


*  How to market your alpacas or business if that's your plan

Ranch Tours


We invite you to join us for an educational tour of our ranch and fiber studio. You will be offered an opportunity to mingle with members of our herd, get your hands into the luscious fiber and learn how the fiber is processed...from start to finish.  We are open to individuals, groups or home schools.

Visitor Comments:

*We had so much fun! Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful tour.


*This place is awesome! The Alpacas are so friendly & we had a wonderful tour with Diana!


* An amazing place to visit. You won't want to leave! Thank you Diane and your babies:)


* i think its amazing place filled with love people that really seem to care about their animals


*  Great time! Thank you so much!


*  Just visited this past weekend. Such a busy happy place. Looking forward to another visit already! So much going on, all the time! The Guardian dogs, the kitties and all the beautiful unique personalities of each alpaca make a furry family community that never wants for interesting events.


We are in the business of breeding and selling quality alpacas that match your needs and interests.  Do you want to show alpacas and are looking for males or females that will be competitive in the show ring?  We have them.  Are you only looking for offspring of color champions?  We have them...although we will probably have the discussion with you that are best show-winning line descends from a female and her male offspring who never received a color championship. Are you a fiber artisan only interested in owning alpacas that will consistently produce the quality of fleece you desire?  We have them.  Are you a new era "homesteader" focused on teaching your children responsibility through the care of various farm animals?  We have alpacas that are perfect to help teach those lessons.  Do you have a desire to hang out with magical and mystical animals that have a natural ability to create a sense of calm.  We have them.  If we don't have an alpaca that meets your needs, we will gladly refer you to our friends in the alpaca community that may have the exact match for you. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO VIEW OUR SALES LIST


We have bred several outstanding males through the years.  We have also acquired herdsires from other alpaca breeders to enhance our breeding programs.  Some remain here to serve as herdsires to support our breeding program and to provide the opportunity for other breeders to use in theirs.  We are highly critical when it comes to our breeding males and many factors are considered when selecting who we will keep or offer to other breeders.

Check out our "Make An Offer" Breeding in our sample breeding contracts

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