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About Us

We are Jack and Dianna Jordan...the owners, guardians and caretakers at Alpacas of Somerset Farm.  We specialize in mentoring, educating and supporting prospective, new and existing alpaca owners.  We believe building trust, confidence and a feeling of comfort are essential in a mentoring relationship.  If you are new to alpacas and choose to allow us to help you get started, you can do so with confidence knowing we are experienced alpaca breeders.  Through the years we have invested in extensive alpaca education ourselves. Educating others is our professional background.


Dianna has been around pets and livestock her entire life. Horses consumed most of her time as a young girl and teenager. She shared this interest with her daughter as she was growing up.


Dianna spent over 17 years in Training and Organizational Development for a privately held corporation. Her primary focus was on “Soft Skills Development” for management and non-management employees. Dianna is also a “Life Coach” for individuals interested in enhancing their lives through personal growth and development.


Dianna gladly gave up the daily grind of the corporate world to retire and become the ranch manager for Alpacas of Somerset Farm.


Unlike Dianna’s childhood experiences with animals, Jack had one dog while growing up.  Then he married Dianna. Through the years he has discovered the joys and challenges of having an ever-changing menagerie in his life.


The skills and talents Jack brings to the business are many.  His education and background in Business Administration and Marketing has been very helpful in building our alpaca business.


In 2014 Jack retired from being a high school woodshop teacher. His building skills certainly come in handy when planning and building alpaca facilities.  Jack is a great resource when planning or designing ranch infrastructures.

Industry Contributions

There are many opportunities and ways to contribute to the alpaca industry. We believe in joining the organizations that support our industry and other alpaca owners. Within the first few months of establishing Alpacas of Somerset Farm, we became members of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), the AOBA affiliate Calpaca (California Alpaca Breeders Association), the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI), and the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA).


We believe in giving back by offering our time and talents.  Dianna has:

  • served a three year term on the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA) Board of Directors and served one year as president of the Board

  • served as the Co-Event Manager for the California Classic Alpaca Show in Pleasanton, CA

  • participated in teams for fleece show judging

  • been a speaker at two AOBA National Education Conferences

  • served on several AOBA Committees

  • written articles for the Camelid Quarterly magazine

  • written articles for the Alpacas Magazine

  • served as secretary and president of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA)


As the President of AOBA Dianna was a member of the leadership team selected to assist in the lengthy process of merging the two primary Alpaca organizations---AOBA and ARI.  She served on the first elected AOA (Alpaca Owners Association) Board of Directors.


Jack has:

  • served as the announcer for several Calpaca alpaca shows and events

  • served two terms as treasurer for Calpaca

  • continually offered his services wherever and whenever needed by Calpaca and fellow alpaca owners

  • provided encouragement and support to Dianna during her terms on the various BOD's and committees

You Are Invited To Give Us A Call 

To Schedule A Visit Or For Some Alpaca Talk
530-620-6033 or 530-744-7474

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