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Alpacas of Somerset Farm - Serving the Alpaca Community since 2005

The select group of huacayas and suris at Alpacas of Somerset Farm offers some of the best genetics available....from the ageless "tried and true" foundation imports to the "up-and-coming" North American bred and born.  Our diverse selection includes foundation females and breeding males with outstanding pedigrees, proven producers contributing desirable inheritable traits, maidens and younger males ready to start their breeding careers,  promising youngsters exhibiting the qualities we seek in our breeding goals, and occasionally alpacas perfect as companions.

We have bred several outstanding males through the years.  Some remain here to serve as herdsires to support our breeding program and to provide the opportunity for other breeders to use in theirs.  Others are enhancing the  programs of fellow alpaca breeders.  We are highly critical when it comes to our breeding males and many factors are considered when selecting who we will keep or add to our breeding program. First and foremost is, will breedings to this male support our goal of “measurable improvement in fiber production qualities with each generation?”

We believe the females add as much value to a breeding program as the males. Maybe more considering they carry, birth and nourish the crias. We ask the same question in selecting our breeding females as we do about our breeding males...will breedings to this female support our goal of “measurable improvement in fiber production qualities with each generation.”

Sales List

We offer a great selection of Huacaya and Suri alpacas for every budget...from show quality to pets.

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