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Our focus is measurable improvement in fiber production qualities with each generation.

Breeding alpacas for quality fiber is part art and part science.  We wish we had had a better understanding of that concept the first couple of years we were in the business. When you purchase an alpaca or breeding from us, we will provide you with education and information you need to know to make the right breeding decisions...right in terms of “measurable improvement in fiber production qualities with each generation.”


There are several objective and measurable fiber attributes to use as benchmarks for breeding programs.  All are essential in improving the quality and functionality of alpaca fiber. When making our breeding decisions our focus is primarily on creating alpacas carrying the genetic predisposition to produce offspring with lingering fineness and uniformity.  We use histograms, EPD rankings, and our own internal tracking when making these decisions.


To gain a better understanding of how breeding decisions affect the quality of fiber, Dianna immersed herself in the fiber production aspect of the industry.  Her term as a board member on the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc. (AFCNA) proved to be invaluable in terms of exposure to North American fiber production.  As a perennial student she has attended advanced classes focused on breeding for quality fiber, hands-on classes focusing on sorting and grading fiber to maximize the quality of the finished goods, and several classes on how to prepare fleece for processing.  She has recently transitioned to hand processing our "home-grown" fiber. 


We aren't just alpaca breeders...we consider ourselves "Fiber Farmers."  Focusing on quality fiber production through well-planned breeding decisions is an area where we “Walk Our Talk.”  We have made mistakes along the way and we have made some decisions with great results.  We will openly share what we would have done differently as well as where we are achieving measurable improved results.


Are you a fiber artist interested in learning more about the attributes of alpaca fiber?  Would you like to learn how fiber is prepared and processed?  Would you like an opportunity to "add to your stash" by purchasing raw fiber, rovings, or yarn?  We invite you to take a tour of the ranch and our fiber studio.




Do You Want To Know More About Fiber Production And Processing?

Give Us A Call   530-620-6033 or 530-744-7474

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